Hi Friends! Customers! (Hopefully) Future Customers!

  • Do you do custom pins?
    • Yes, but it is up to our (and the person(s) in question) discretion if we work together. If you'd like to discuss an idea, We're open to it, but please don't be offended if we don't find it to be a good fit.  Email us!
    • We like to work and collaborate with new artists but those pins will be released under the Good Good Pins brand (unless otherwise discussed).
  • Where is my order?!?!?!
    • Did you get an email letting you know that your order shipped? If yes, make sure to click the tracking link. Once your order has left my hot little hands, We have no clue what the Post Office does with it, if your package is missing/delayed/forwarded etc., please make sure to contact your post office and ask them for an update.
    • If you didn't get an email, please contact us. There might have been a typo when you checked out, which caused your shipped email not to send.
  • Did you ship my order?!?!?! WHEN WILL YOU SHIP IT?!?!?
    • Barring any unforeseen circumstances, We will ship orders 1-2 times a week. We have full time jobs on top of running GGP, so please take mercy on me and understand that we want you to get your orders as fast as you want to receive it. We will do the best we can to get it to your friend/mother/sister/brother/dad whose birthday is 3-5 days away, but we can't make any promises, unfortunately, as mentioned before, we cannot control the Postal Service.
  • FINE! I'll wait but where is my tracking info?!?!
    • Tracking will not become available immediately! Please allow 24 to 48 hours after receiving your shipment confirmation email for USPS to receive the package and to scan it at the origin facility!
    • US: Generally, it seems it takes 2 - 5 days to get to your wonderful home from the GGP HQ in Los Angeles. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on day of the week/holidays/Postal Service meltdowns.
    • Canada: Generally, it seems to take 4 - 8 days to get to your local Tim Hortons from the GGP HQ in Los Angeles. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on day of the week/holidays/Mounty meltdowns.
    • Other Countries: Generally, it seems to take 4 - 8 days to get to your beautiful country from the GGP HQ in Los Angeles. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on day of the week/holidays/carrier pigeon shortages.
  • OH NO! I... 
    • Misspelled my name! Misspelled my address! Forgot to leave you a poem in the checkout process.
  • I received my order and there is an issue (broken pin, missing pin.. etc)
    • Fiddlesticks! We are so sorry, please email us and send us some pictures of what the issue is. Let's talk it out.
  • Do you have a Coupon Code I can use?
    • We post all coupon codes on instagram, so we recommend checking there first.
  • Can you please send me freebies with my order?
    • How about we send you freebies and you come over and do some light gardening and we'll call it even.